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Date: February 10th, 2011
Cate: Design, Plaid Shirts
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Faithful Anchor Tattoo Mock


Date: October 16th, 2010
Cate: Plaid Shirts

Planes, trains & Jacob

Jacob & I have been outside for most of the day. It’s working for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather and wicked stressed at work. it’s a nice change to be outside with excited kids playing with toy trains and pointing out planes that fly overhead.

I feel relaxed.

Date: June 16th, 2010
Cate: Plaid Shirts

Working on Working on Illustration

This is my first blog entry. Sarah is watching Arrested Development Season 3 and I’m trying my darnedest to get this blog up and running (and we’re both giggling). I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll write but my main purpose for designing this blog is to keep me drawing. Illustration seems to be a pretty hard career to pursue outside of urban areas. It’s been a freakin’ research project just to figure out the steps I need to take…to take the steps to pursue getting the type of illustration work I want.

geez. I want to draw…and unlike some I can…

It shouldn’t be this hard.